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Laburnum Boat Club.

The Laburnum Boat Club is a community-based voluntary organisation that provides a range of recreational and educational activities for children, young people, and their families in Hackney.

This is a diverse, changing and complex inner-London population which has a variety of needs. Laburnums members come to the club to have fun, engage in rewarding activities in a safe environment and gain a different perspective in life. As a result, through the medium of watersports, the Club also operates as a social education facility contributing to the overall development of all that come.

The Club has been operating for over 36 years and has a very strong track record of delivering projects and activities that make an impact on the local community. Laburnum share their expertise with other local bodies, and consistently have favourable feedback.

Laburnum Boat Club, is the creation of Jim Armstrong, 64, a former teacher who “got diverted” by his love of messing about in boats. He founded the club on the site of a derelict Victorian gas works and is to this day leading the club and supporting the local Hackney community.

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