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Edmonton Eagles Boxing Club.

The club was founded in June 2004 after a number of gang related deaths of 5 young people earlier that same year. Penny Efstathiou who is the Club’s President and Founder wanted to start a boxing club to help divert young people away from gangs and negative lifestyles and come into a place where their energy and potential could be channelled in a positive way. The police helped provide funding to buy a ring and some equipment and a building to rent was identified and the club opened for 2 evenings a week. Within a few years, such was the impact of the club that the local council and police help identify the club’s current building where it is open 6 days a week. Penny along with Head Coach Dr. Costakis Evangelou MBE oversee all aspect of the club’s work.

The club run sessions every day of the week except Sunday. There are sessions for schools and pupil referral units during the day, free after school sessions at the club every day and evening sessions for ladies and mixed classes. All abilities, cultures, genders and faiths are welcome to train and work together in a atmosphere of support and encouragement.

The club has 9 coaches and other volunteer staff that help with the financial, funding and media aspects. Over 200 people benefit from the club’s services each week.

The club’s membership is diverse and reflects the community it is based in with people of all faiths, cultures, backgrounds and gender attending. It is family based but can also directly engage to those who are hard to reach.  The Club is based in the top 10% of social and economic deprivation in the UK and many of the young people that attend have many challenges. The Eastern corridor of the Borough where the club is based has some of the highest stats for serious youth violence and the club has numerous testimonies of young people whose lives have changed for the better since they started attending the club.

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