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YES and Academic Excellence.

Since our foundation, YES has been dedicated to creating opportunities for young people in London’s most deprived boroughs to engage, develop, and be empowered through participation in sport. And we have created a network of sports clubs and funding partners to help us deliver on that vision.

Now we want to build on our success in empowering young people through sport by encouraging them to pursue academic excellence as well. YES has inspired so many young people to see their true potential through sport. Now we can add the opportunity for young people to be inspired to reach for the highest academic success.

YES is building a similar network of academic partners beginning with Oxford University’s Mansfield College. Mansfield has for over 20 years supported open access to talented young people from less advantaged communities Homepage | Mansfield College, Oxford . Building links to communities together, we will amplify Mansfield’s ongoing work to provide the support and the road map to make what might otherwise be an impossible dream happen.


YES is proud to have built connections with Mansfield College to help us spearhead our new initiative to inspire young people to find their true potential through academic excellence as well as sport. Mansfield has for over 20 years led the way for Oxford University in widening access to the broadest pool of talent for students from the least advantaged backgrounds. The College has agreed to provide advice and support on how the charity might best encourage young people, who may not otherwise, to consider higher or further education.

We will be working with colleagues at Mansfield and our network in the community to provide advice and encouragement for talented young people to embark on what could otherwise be a daunting and unfamiliar journey.

Our first steps will be to bring together colleagues at Mansfield and our partners in the schools and clubs to begin a dialogue and share expertise.

Please stay tuned.

How YES is creating opportunities with Mansfield COllege

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